Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today in My Life... 10/28/2009

Today: October 28, 2009

I got up this morning: very early. Before 5. But since I was totally awake I just got up. Didn't make coffee until almost 6 and then wondered why I was in such a hurry for it take 3 minutes making the coffee... duh... lol

I am hearing: the whir of the electronics in this room. Too early for any other noise except the horrible sound of this new keyboard (that I love except for the sound). The keys are harder to press than my previous board and each one makes this sound of someone pounding on a wall with a hammer... sigh

The current book is: The Bourne Deception by hmmm... says Robert Ludlum's... but then on the bottom of the cover it says "A new Jason Bourne novel by Eric Van Lustbader"... hmm.. guess that means he's the ghost writer... Anyway, just couldn't get into the Piers Anthony fantasy.. maybe will try again later...but probably not.

My diet: is still hanging on. I have plateau-ed at about 181...182... Still holding out for breaking that 180 mark..

Yesterday I dyed the merino yarn that was spun during the previous week. The red and pink are bulky 3 ply. The purple is merino single plyed with silver polyester sewing thread. That will be used to weave something... not sure what yet..

I finally got the lizard/dragon worked out on the inkle loom. It still has some places that are done wrong...but maybe when I do it again it will be better...

The stand for the swift works really well. The design is a bit flawed and the screws had to be put in from the top on the legs, but it works great and I like it... ;o)

Family news: Don't you hate it when you just skim over things and miss the important ones? I found an email this morning from my second cousin that I saw for the first time in many, many years at the family reunion. I seldom use my gmail... don't know why that is the one I put on my cards..duh Anyway, it was so good to see her and her sisters and the email was just a bonus on top!

Looking forward to: going out to eat... !!! The diet has prohibited it for a long while now and it will be a real treat... ;o)

Just a thought: "Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. " .... Mark Twain

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today in My Life... 10/24/2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I got up this morning: thinking about dragons... I know that sounds but I have been trying to get the pattern for this dragon to work on my inkle loom for hours..sigh I can get the tail to look beautiful, but then into the body it just disintegrates..sigh

I am hearing:
the trucks whiz by on the highway outside. It's too early for the regular automobile traffic going to work.

My one thing learned this week: is that I need to start physically writing letters instead using email. Sounds strange after using only email for most of the last 10 years, but it suddenly impressed itself on me when I got a short email from one of my sons and I realized that it's been years since I have seen his handwriting... ;o(

The current book is: Air Apparent by Piers Anthony. It's too soon to say whether it will grab my interest as I just started it last night. So far it's only skimmed the top layers of my interest. Not looking too good at this point.

My diet: is the the Cabbage Soup diet. Still in the low 180s and truly looking forward to breaking through that 180 line. Maybe this week....

Creating: Since I finished the checkers board and pieces, I decided to make a Wahoo board out in the shop. I had a piece of the pine used for the checker board left over so I spent most of one afternoon figuring out the dots for the marble holes. Yesterday I put the holes in and did some sanding. We'll see what happens today... lol

Family news: Received a call from my Aunt Elva this week. It was wonderful to hear her voice on the phone. I saw her for the first time in about 35 years at the family reunion this year.

Looking forward to: using the hot tub since the little house is now fixed and it won't run down the hill with

Just a thought: "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." ... Winston Churchill

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today in my LIfe.... 10/18/2009

Today: October 18, 2009

I got up this morning: at a little after 6, made a pot of tea for me and coffee for DH...turned on the computers and realized it has been 10 days since I have blogged here...

The weather is: much cooler in the mornings and the evenings. I have had to pull out my heavy terrycloth robe and every time I put it on I smile as I think of son and son-in-law who gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

I am hearing: my sweet DH as he putters about getting his coffee. The clock that he made is bonging 7:00am. It has such a nice tonal sound.

My one thing learned this week: It's easy to move the warp of the large inkle loom if you use both hands... pull up with the left hand and down with the right hand and the warp slides easily across the pegs.

The current book: is Easy Prey by John Sandford. It's a Lucas Davenport novel and I like him almost as much as Alex.

My diet: has changed from the Atkins diet to the Cabbage Soup diet. I like this one because it has so much more diversity in what I can eat. And it is This morning... 182... that's 24 pounds... yayyy 36 to go...

Family news: Another grandson has left for the Army. That makes 4 grandsons in the Armed Forces right now... Dustin, Joe, Steven and now William. We are very proud of them... and wishing the world would regain a bit of sanity...

My brother Larry has become a Grandpa again. His son Brian has a new baby girl named Margaret Jane... They call her Maggie... and Maggie's older sister is Mandie.. ;o)

Looking forward to
: a visit from daughter and grandsons before Steve has to return to duty at Fort Riley...

Just a thought
: Mark Twain says... "Be careful about reading health books... You may die of a misprint."

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Warped, Painted and Raining

The checkers and checker board are finished. All the time I was working on this I had pictures of my grandfather floating around in my head. He loved to play checkers and dominoes. And he was very good at Of course there was no television and the radio was only turned on in the evening... if there was no company. If there was company all the men gathered around the kitchen table and the dominoes or the checker board was pulled out from the cabinet above the refrigerator and the men would proceed to have a laughing good time... ;o) I can only hope that this board will be privy to good times like that.....

Only a day late... here is the promised pic of the inkle loom warped. It was not difficult as I used only 2 colors and did a continuous warp. Of course I did exactly what Linda Hendrickson talked about in her video... When I was turning the cards I found that I had dropped 2 at one time. Well, let me tell you... they turn just as easily as if I had pulled it off and re warped... Since this is another "learn something" warping I did not re-do it. I have to say... I highly recommend this floor model loom to anyone looking into tablet, card or inkle weaving. The height is very good, the warping is easy and it is so much easier to control the cards... I just can't say enough good things about this type of loom. One of the best things is that it doesn't try to run to the other side of the room every time you slide the cards... a very big plus.
Well, it has taken up raining as a hobby in North Texas. Every time it seems that the ground will dry up enough to work on the little house... humph... The contractor did come yesterday just long enough to look around and put a sign up in the yard. Now all the neighbors think our home is having foundation problems... Let's just hope we don't decide to sell the house any time

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Of Checkers, Knit and Linen

It's been raining again this week. I have given up on ever getting the little house fixed... The contractor called Monday morning and said it would not be good if they dug foundation holes and then they filled with water so we are once again on hold.... Just hope the little house knows to hold on... no pun intended... lol

We've been working in the shop and since I finished the floor inkle loom (which I finally got warped last tomorrow) I have had nothing to I decided to make a checker board and checkers. This is the day before yesterday's pic. I have actually got the grid marked and the dark squares painted, but I think they will need a couple more than the 3 coats I have already put on them. The "king" side of the checkers has rosebuds painted on them... as in The War of the Roses. While the colors in this war were red and white roses, I used red and blue because..well...the white roses would not show up on the yellow. This should be finished by the end of the week.
This merino 3ply languished for a while in my stash. I just could not come up with anything new to make with it so I made another scarf, 57 inches long. It turned out really well and I love it.
This is the linen single that I took off the spinning wheel so I could spin the lemon Romney. I don't know how much there is, but there is still this much to be spun. The smallest heddle I have for my loom is 12 epi and I'm not sure that is small enough, but then it would make a light and airy fabric... hmmm Or...there is such thing as linsey-woolsey... a linen warp with a wool weft. hmmmm...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Oct. 5-11... National Spinners and Weavers Week

Next week is National Spinners and Weavers Week... If you live near any yarn, fabric or fiber shops you might look for something special happening. It would be a good time to spin, weave or knit/crochet in public. I'm going to talk to the ladies at the library and see if they are having anything special...

The "sheep to shawl" shawl is of yesterday afternoon. The warp is 3 ply merino and 2 ply Cotswold...the weft is the 2 ply Cotswold and merino single plied with silk single... ooowww wonderful stuff. It finished at 74" length with an added 4" of fringe x 16" wide. According to the book, any time a person does leno weaving there is a narrowing of the width of the piece... so extra weft should be left... Well... it didn't seem to matter what I did, the leno would pull in. My advise... just plan your width around the width of the pulled in leno weave.

I love the way this turned out. I think I will add some beads and maybe some embroidery on the ends... We'll see...

DH and I are off to Durant to Ozark Mills today to get some more wool. While I have every intention of finishing the flax, it is not my favorite thing to spin. I find that it is almost like trying to spin twigs and occasionally hurts my fingers like I have stickers in them. The Cotswold was something new to me and I really enjoyed it. I think I will try at least one new kind of wool each time we go.

My diet is working extremely slow.... and to top that off... the steroid pack the doctor gave me for my wrist and elbow causes immediate weight gain. Sooo... doing nothing any different on my diet, I had an overnight weight gain of four (4) .. make that 4... pounds! But... lost a pound of it yesterday, so looks like I will have to lose all 4 again.. sigh Oh well... at least they are going...

Found some wonderful tea that I can drink with no sugar. I mean wonderful...

Have a good day....