Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ebay Day and More

I seem to have spent the entire day with the new laptop sitting at the kitchen table uploading things for our ebay shop... whew... Add to that a chair pulled up along side, left foot up in that chair and an ice pack on the shin and it leads to a rather long, very cool day. But I must say that I am pleased with the amount of work done.

I think I have come up with a naalbinding stitch that I just love. Not sure yet how I will actually use it since I'm not very good at turning corners, but I will definitely find a way. It looks almost woven. I think the Hansen listing would be UOO/UUOO B1. I have no idea what the name of this stitch might be.

It rained today. One of those soft, easy rains that left everything glistening like tiny diamonds flickering in the sunlight. I took some pictures of the flowers...
These are the bluebonnets that I so look forward to every year. They bloom on the shoulder of the highway just across from our house.
This is Indian Hawthorn. I planted them last year, so this is the first blooming. I love them.

Never been able to keep a geranium alive, but this one is really surprising me. I put a little fertilizer in the water when I watered it and boy..did it ever go to town. This is on the front porch. I'm thinking that if I break off a branch it will be easy to propagate. I'll give it a little longer to just grow then you can bet at least 2 or 3 branches will be sacrificed to try it. ;o)
All in all it has been a really good day...even with the leg up on a chair.
A friend of mine put something up on Facebook today that I thought was wonderful... It goes like this....
"Your life is your garden
Your thoughts are your seeds,
So if your life isn't awesome
You've been watering the weeds."
Have to say it hit home a bit.. ;o) Working on that....
Hope your day was awesome and you have a great one tomorrow...

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