Sunday, April 04, 2010

Today in My Life 04/04/2010

Today in my life: the sun is just beginning to bring a little reflected light over the trees in the meadow. Not that bright, warm yellow kind... the faded gray of the day begins to show a little consciousness, stretch a bit and decide whether it really wants to get up or not.

I got up this morning: stumbled into the kitchen, made coffee and emptied the dishwasher. By the time that was done, I should have been awake... not so... still propping the eyes open after 3/4 of the first cup.

I am hearing: in my head someone say "I don't believe it!"... do you suppose if " I don't believe it" is said long enough and strong enough... it really will be "not true"? The child in me would love to believe that, but the adult says... ah well.... and smiles...

I am thinking: that I should hurry up and get a picture of the redbud with all the green behind it before it all changes... ;o(

The current book:
is... ta da... drum roll... a re-read of the first sci-fi book that I totally fell in love with... The Belgariad Trilogy ...

From the family: comes these lovely plants from Aunt Edna and Uncle Bobby. I want to get what she told me down in writing since my memory took a hike about a decade ago.. ;o)

The large plant is a bromeliad that is only one of several Edna has growing in her glassed in porch. Beautiful and doing so well... I'm impressed with The small packs are airplane plants, the wandering jew is about to bloom and the small plant in with the wandering jew is an oxygen plant...all of these also from Aunt Edna's "porch
greenhouse". That leaves the one that looks like a thick, broad mother-in-law's tongue. Long story.... in 1954 when I was about 7 and staying with my grandparents we would visit my grandfather's brother who lived in Stonewall, OK. His name was Tom and his wife's name was Etta... This plant is the proginy of Aunt Etta's plant... (Everyone used the "Yankee" Eastern pronounciation of her name... she was called "Aunt Etter"... ;o)

I am so pleased to have these plants. Thank you, Edna and Bobby...

From the learning desk: I am working hard at making examples of useful things that can be done with card weaving to show my class in June. Yesterday I began this watchband. It's turning out really pretty and I'm hoping that when I put the findings on it will still be pretty... ;o)

Plans for the coming week: I think it's about time for a trip to McKinney. It's been a while and I need to check out the Michael's store for thread and yarn.

I've been working on a handbook for card weaving, but have almost decided to do a video instead. We'll see...

Thought for today: "Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life." ... S. D. Gordon

I hope you have a lovely Easter. Hug your family close and bask in the beauty of this holiday...

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