Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Friday ... again!

My DH and I have found that as we grow older the weeks pass so quickly that it's always I have committed to blog every day this week...and the week is almost over and no blogging. I will try to make up for it with reminiscences of the week...

Monday was a busy day. Photographing and editing the photos of books and things for the ebay shop... Butterfield Mercantile... Had to reschedule an appointment that I missed... so much for the memory that wandered off the lane... ;o) I remember thinking how good it is that ebay is available and we can do this from home at this time in our lives

Tuesday was appointment day. I spent a lot of the day on my feet and by evening my lower leg was swollen and uncomfortable.... Did I tell you that I fell INTO the bathtub? Banged up my lower left leg a bit... black and blue but no bones broken... And for that a thankful thought went up for the day...

Wednesday... another appointment day. I have been feeling so much better with a lift in the depression after the deaths in my family. My thankful thought for that day... and I remember thinking and pondering it... Thank goodness for the new medications of the today that actually work. And for the change in attitude about seeking out help for personal problems... so much better than even 20 years ago.

Thursday... very early appointment with Dr. Truly about my leg. I knew it wasn't broken and that it was completely soft tissue damage, but it looked red and had a considerable amount of heat (fever) in it...but no cellulitis right now. Thank goodness...

I bought a laptop computer yesterday. It has been a biggy on my list of things I would like to have for quite a long time. It was a frustrating thing for me when it came time to set it up...I didn't know that the wireless router that we had put in had the wrong time and every time I tried to set up my laptop it would tell me I couldn't do that...the time on my computer was wrong.. boy... I was about ready to spit! When I got up to walk away and re-group, I thought about the fact that I even have one...sigh... Talk about a sudden dose of humility... ;o)

And then there's today... Up early, looking out the window as I post and loving the green of the trees. I think I will plant some forsythia down in the meadow this year. It needs a little burst of color here and there.

Thought for today... families may not always ( or ever) be what we think they should be, but they are ours... and we may not agree with anything they do or say, but for the most part if an open mind is kept, they have reason for what they think or believe. And who are we to say that our way is the only way....???

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