Tuesday, November 22, 2011

 Looks like almost 2 months have flown by since I've posted.. I'm sorry it's been so long!
In October we had some wonderful friends visit from New Jersey.  We had planned to take them to downtown McKinney and wander all the antique and rare book shops, but they had to leave early.  Maybe next time.. ;o)

 I decided to try once again .. sigh ... to do a houndstooth weave on my Kromski rigid heddle loom.  This time I actually got  This only makes the 3rd time I've tried.. I love it.  And once I figured out the warp it was super easy. 

This is the finished scarf.  I used my fringe twister that I bought at  Leef's  for the first time.  It really surprised me how much easier it was to make the fringe.  

It's amazing that Thanksgiving is almost here. 
We've been having rain for last couple of days, but we've had cool enough weather over the last month that using our fireplace has been a treat.

I'm hoping you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with comfort and warmth. ;o)  

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