Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Frugal Living... hmmm

I've been doing a lot of pinterest lately.  There are so many links up for frugal living and make your own things that I am overwhelmed with ideas.. ;o) 

One of the things I found was concerning eggs.  It said that eggs have a film on them that will allow the egg to remain good for weeks if it is not washed off.  The eggs we buy in the store are washed with a caustic soap so all of the film is removed... and as a result the eggs spoil much more quickly.

So... the article said that if you cover each egg with a thin film of mineral oil the eggs will last for months in the pantry or where ever without refrigeration.

I HAD TO TRY THIS... !  ;o)

So I took 3 eggs, smeared them with mineral oil and put them in the pantry for 3 weeks.  I really couldn't make myself wait any longer so I finally had to check and see what would happen when I broke the eggs... Here's what I found..

I was truly stunned that eggs were still good, usable eggs after 3 weeks!  How's that for re-learning what our grandparents always knew.. ;o)

Hope you have a wonderful day...  Having a cardiac cath tomorrow so will be back in a few days.. ;o) 

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birdhouses said...

Thanks for the tip, and best of wishes for the cardiac cath!!!