Monday, June 11, 2012

Lavender Ridge Farms

Pat and I went to Lavender Ridge Farm on Saturday.  We picked lavender, drank lavender iced tea and lavender iced lemonade and bought lavender plants... along with some others.. ;o)  What a wonderful day. 

Well, it's Monday one more time.  ;o)   Have sewing to do.  Will finally be able to get back to my patiently waiting (almost) purse... 

It will have a very large red button on the pocket.  I've been trying to make it have over the head straps... but I think that will not work.  ;o(    Anyway, we'll see.  More on this project later.. ;o)

I hope your Monday is the beginning of a week that you will look back on with fondness.. ;o)
Have a good day...

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