Tuesday, December 02, 2014

OMG!!! I Actually Got In to My Account!!!

I've been trying for almost a year to find a way to get back in here!  Google kept trying to use a different email addy and wouldn't let me into Blogger!  Yayyy!!  Happy dance!!

This is a Verbena.. I love it.  It made such a beautiful showing this year.  It seems there are so many things to catch up on. 

I think I will begin to print off my blog a month at a time.  I find that when something happens, I blog about it.  Then when I need to remember WHEN that something happened I can go back to my blog to see... :)

It's very cold here today.  Down in the 20s overnight.  It's up to about 42° F right now.  Hopefully will continue with the warming for a couple of days.

I'm so excited to be able to blog I can't decide what to   But hang in there with me and I'll come up with something.. :)    Have a wonderful day!

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