Sunday, May 28, 2017

I may not ever shut my pc down again

I can't believe how difficult it is to get here... sigh Maybe this time I can keep up with whatever password Google demands for this site...

Anyway.. here I am and only about 8 months late.  But .. it has been a busy time.

 It would seem that we have reached that time in life when we really want to be nearer family .. so a move is underway from North Texas to Southwest Oklahoma.  At first it was not something that I was wishing for... It's hard to leave friends and a settled home, but after a little thinking it over I am truly looking forward to the move.  I cannot wait to be near the children and grandchildren.

The visit from grandson Dustin and family was a true joy. That visit is more than likely what helped make up our minds to made the move.

 My two sisters and I went to McKinney last year and in the wandering around thru the shops we came upon a small shop that had lovely antiques.  The proprietor was a young lady who enthusiastically helped us with anything we could think of and I asked her about the watercolor painting she had sitting on the shelf.  She said her mother had painted it and she was happy to sell us on the cards that had been printed from that painting.  She was so pleased to be able to sell some of her mother's art work and I was only too pleased to buy it.. lol   So I came home and immediately had to paint my own

On a trip to Lavender Ridge Farms a few years ago I bought 8 oz. of lavender.  It has been stashed away forever, so I decided I would make pillowcase sachets with it... and so I did.  I made about 10, and still have lavender left, so I will probably make more when we get resettled.

I'm so glad to finally be here.. on this site.. again.  For the few who are still following, thanks a bunch.. :)

Hugs from the very warm (and nearing hot) North Texas area... have a great day!

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