Thursday, October 13, 2005


Autumn has arrived. This morning was so cool and downright nippy that I had to fetch the afghan to sit on the porch with coffee. The number of birds at the feeders grows daily and the winter species are showing up gradually. Today the thistle was hung for the American Finches that are beginning to grow in numbers. The squirrels finished the nest they have been working on for a couple of weeks now and are gathering the acorns that they have thrown onto the roof of the shop for the last month. The pecan tree has been picked clean (which I hate to see come to an end since watching the squirrels do their contortions and antics to pick the very last one on the branch is too fun for words).

The day was spent buying lumber and working on another table (this one for the band saw) and it just goes to show.... pride goeth before the fall! We were so sure we knew exactly how to do it now that we wound up having to take the table top apart, take the legs off and will just have to get back to the redo in the morning... grin

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