Sunday, October 09, 2005

Crazy Quilt Block 2 & Peppermint

We have spent the day working in the shop again today. Much cleaning and clearing out things to the trash pile beside the road. Cleaning the shelves out of the cellar turned into quite a project since we had to cut them into pieces with a saw and then carry the pieces up the stairs... ughhh. Looks like another work bench is in the planning stages along with a stand for the saw and band saw.
I am soo thrilled with the mint finally growing. I can't really say much since I kept it in a glass by the window until I thought perhaps I had waited too long for it grow at all.
The crazy quilt square is coming along slowly, but surely. I used the wrong backing cloth with a tight weave and as a result it is very difficult to use the ribbon for embroidering.

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kay susan said...

Well, it may be hard work, but its very pretty.