Sunday, October 02, 2005

Camera Card Broke & Last Years Birds

Last week Hubby and I went to Dallas to finalize the preparations for his Vietnam unit's 2006 reunion since we are hosting it next year. We also publish the quarterly newsletter, so I took along my camera (making very sure the batteries were charged and all was in working order). We met the sales person from the hotel and another of the guys in the unit at the hotel, did the discuss thing, viewed the facility and I made a point of taking pics of the pool, the entry and the guys "working" (thinking this will be great for the newsletter). How disgusted was I when I got home, popped my card into the printer for uploading and it said..."Photos Found: 1 " ... and then... "unable to upload this picture.. would you like to ... abort ... try again.." ??? Very! Anyway, all is not lost. The hotel has pics up on their web site, so will be able to use them for the newsletter.
Sooo... this pic is one of our resident 2 woodpeckers that come to the feeder every day. The graininess (is that a word??) is because I cut it from a photo then made it into a stamp. The other is of the finches on the thistle. These were taken last winter and with fall now here and winter approaching, we are making plans for the upcoming influx of birds that stop here during the migration south. Last year we had flocks of American finches, junkos, and doves that stayed all winter.

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