Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Doodling Day

It's been another doodling day today. This little bird is one that I sketched from the pattern on a piece of wallpaper border that I have laying around..the birdhouse just came out in the doodling. It's done with a #2 pencil sketch and firm pastel pencils. Can you tell that I was doodling on a slant...grin

We've worked on the newsletter most of the day trying to make the Nov. 15 deadline...bearing in mind that it has to be at the printer's 2 weeks early. Our mailing list has grown to over 500 now and it seems each edition gets longer..grin Not that we mind any. Last issue was 24 pages... looks like this one will be at least that long and may have to add another 2 pages before we're done. Hubby has been on the phone today with several of the guys from his unit with breaking news. Can't wait to see how things turn out.

We are "Brigit sitting" this weekend and until Wednesday. Brigit is "our" toy poodle (look in the archives of August at my second post for a pic). What a joy... but the hawk outside keeps reminding us why she now lives with our sons. And she does love to lay in the sun just outside the door.. today just as she settled in I saw the huge shadow pass over her and jumped out the door. The hawk was just passing over her and into the huge oak tree beside the house. Living at that breaking edge between city and country is wonderful...except for this (and the bobcat living along the creek.. and the coyotes on the creek this spring). The possum and coons that come up into the yard don't really bother anything now that we've rearranged the bird feeders, but it would be nice to be able let Brigit roam the yard.

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