Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

This is my father (WWII) and grandfather(WWI). And then there are the uncles(WWII, Korea) , a brother and my DH (Vietnam). Today there are a son and 2 grandsons (Iraq). It seems that every generation has been effectively immersed in the sorrows of war.

I know Memorial Day is observed in memory of our young men who have died in service to this country. And the sadness of all that vigor and life that is gone is sometimes overwhelming. But never forget that the memories of the ones who survived and came home are often debilitating... remembering those they lost.. their buddies, their sons, even others that they didn't even know but had to watch die.

This Memorial Day please take a moment to remember these young men also...

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denimgirl said...

And also the families, wives, children, mothers and daddies and all the ones who were left without them. Heroes all! Thanks Linda for reminding us.