Thursday, September 20, 2007

Girl's Retreat

Well, it was a wonderful time away from it all. A friend and I decided it was high time for a bit of time away and a little re-acquainting time with each other. So we did....grin

We did a little research of the local resort areas and checked out pricing and etc. online and finally decided on Cedar Mills Resort. After the latest "100 year flood", the restaurant I was looking so forward to was boarded up with the windows broken and what a mess... I was told that it "just stayed under the water for too long".... but all in all was a terrific time anyway.

We cooked some of the foods that we only get to have occasionally since either the spouse or kids don't like it or for whatever reason we can't cook it. We had beans with ham hocks, relish, onions and cherry tomatoes. Cornbread. Gumbo. Vinegar cobbler. Brownies. Guacamole dip with chips. Sliced cold chicken with cottage cheese and tomatoes. Ahhhh... the food. Believe me... the pic was taken after we had put away almost all of the

We took long walks............. took in all the colors, the birds, the trees...

Over the next couple of days, I will add a few pics about our trip... what a wonderful time...

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