Friday, September 07, 2007

I Found a Roving Source!

DH and I went with a wonderful friend to McKinney on Wednesday. The downtown area is chock full of lovely antique stores that we (of course!) could not resist wandering through. We had lunch in a wonderful English pub called The Londoner that sits right on the square of downtown... what a scrumptious lunch! And of course I forgot to take my camera... ughh

After lunch we decided to ask in one of the antique stores if they knew where a yarn shop was located.. The store owner was a lovely lady and pointed us to a store across the street where we found not only lots of wonderful roving and lovely yarn, but the Aladdin 12 cup teapot with the pristine condition! And what a wonderful place!

The roving in the bowl is the Corriedale that I found in McKinney. How great it is to spin! Then yesterday the 5# of roving arrived that I had ordered from Halcyon Yarns.. looks like I will have plenty to do for a while..grin


Chukwuemeka O. Ulor said...

Halycon yarns.
Never heard of that before.Well, you may be a good guide to let me into spinning world.Your new roving source will interest me but if you can send some down to me that would be a blessing!

Chukwuemeka O. Ulor said...

Don't forget my blogiversary!!
You are my first blogmate.How do you like it?

Jo said...

I think spinning puts me in a state of calm, it must have some sort of endorphin impact or something. It makes me slow down, breathe deeply and still my racing thoughts. And at the end of a spinning session you get yarn in addition to all those good feelings!

Corriedale is a good beginner's roving.