Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Kromski Spinning Wheel Is Here!

It came Thursday... It had included with the wheel an extra bobbin and a Kromski niddy noddy. (Ask me if DH didn't get a lot of mileage out of that name! grin) We spent the afternoon putting it together...a 30 minute job (grin) Anyway, finally got it together and you should see my first 10 yards or so of mess.. ( I won't be posting pics..grin)

Ask me if I love it! DH tells me I have to be able to chew gum and walk to use Finally got it semi figured out yesterday and managed to finish the 4oz. of practice roving that came with it. It's the blue that is on the niddy noddy. The yarn is triple plied using the Navajo technique. I ended up with just over 50 yards not counting the 10 or so yards that I messed up in first try.

The yarn is not so great. Too much twist. I've seen someone on the net trying to get the effect I got with the twist on the single making a spiral after it is plied...grin If I try to do it again, it'll never happen.
We had company yesterday morning, waited around for someone who never showed up and finally gave up and went to the book store. I found several James Patterson novels (Alex Cross .. only!) that I didn't have. I looked for anything spinning, naalbinding or yarn related... not a single book in the whole store! (Half-Price Books) Anyway, finally got to work on my spinning in the evening.. I think I have found a new passion...


Jo said...

I knew you were a kindred spirit when I first started reading your blogs. And now you are a happy spinner with a Kromski! I have a minstrel, mahogany finish. They do such a fine job of crafting these wheels. I would love to get one of the big ones like the polonaise, but the little minstrel is fine for the amount of spinning I do.

The rhythm of the wheel is so soothing, isn't it?

Linda S. said...

Soothing it certainly is...smiles
I think if I had the wool on a continual basis I would only spin..
The yarn buildup would be For me it was a toss-up between the Minstrel and the Prelude... but DH liked the old fashioned look of the Prelude, so that made that decision..grin