Tuesday, March 04, 2008


While everyone has been counting the days to the spring planting of petunias, nature shows her sense of humor once again. We usually get this snow in February, but most of the old timers will never jump in and plant until after Easter.

This is what we went to bed to last night. The bright orange glow peeping through at mid-left is a street lamp in front of our neighbors house...visibility is quite poor.

This is what we got up to...grin This poor shrub is usually about 8 feet tall. We had between 4 and 6 inches of snowfall overnight. The early morning sunrise with all the snow and icicles glistening was really pretty, but already at 9:45am it is melting and falling to the ground. Lovely while it lasted.... (I'm real sure the folks sloshing along on the road in front of the house on their way to work didn't think it was quite so aesthetic...grin)

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