Sunday, March 02, 2008

Alpaca Fleece?

I talked to my "spinning guru" Linda yesterday. We had to make a quick run to McKinney to get a set of carders so I could work on my Icelandic wool. Well, it turns out that the one that is actually fleece is not Icelandic wool at all... it's Alpaca! It seems that I got the other 2 brown colors of Icelandic and 1 large bag of white Corriedale wool from one side of the room. But this brown color that just fit with the other two I got from the other side of the That was not Icelandic... My new carders can be seen on left side of this pic...

But I am happy about it anyway. I noticed that the fleece had not been washed and yet did not feel greasy or like it was full of lanolin... that didn't really seem right. Duhh... pretty good sign it is not wool! This will be a new experience altogether. The thing about alpaca is that it is supposed to very light and fluffy to wear, but does not have the memory (spring back) that wool does. This would be a good time to mix the wool with the alpaca and try my hand at that...hmmmm

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