Thursday, February 28, 2008

Slow Fe and Atkins Diet

I was going bald. For the last few years my hair kept getting thinner and thinner until one day a month or so ago I could fix my hair and still see my scalp! So I went to the dermatologist to see if any of those "hair loss fixes" that are advertised on TV were actually worth anything...he said "Let's do some tests and save your money..." A week or so later the report came back that my iron level was 36... The norms for iron should be around 10 to 242... He said when the iron level reaches down into the lower numbers is when hair loss is reported.

I have been taking Slow Fe for about 8 weeks.. my level was up to 47 a couple of weeks ago when it was tested again. And guess what.... tiny new hair growth! It may take a year or so, but just maybe most of my hair will return!

Well, I have been feeling a little guilty because I ..hmmm..REALLY...hmm...need to lose...hmmm...some mm But you see.. I HAVE QUIT SMOKING and REALLY...the weight gain IS mm Well, let me tell you.. the 200 lb. marker that was hit the other day completely did away with all the hmmms. And that old quit smoking thing will only hold up so far ..and 200 lbs is about as far as that goes. Out comes the old Atkins diet and this girl got on the bandwagon. We started last Friday and when we went to Dr. this morning for an all over checkup, I weighed 194. I know this rate of loss not last indefinitely, but it sure was a big emotional boost...grin

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