Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oatmeal...On The Face???

I have known for years that oatmeal is really good for your skin... very gentle cleanser that helps the skin hydrate itself. Well... I will be 60 this next week... and my skin has decided to do the "old folks thing" and dry up like a pond in a drought. I've tried most everything. So a week or so ago, I dug the container of ground up oatmeal that I had stashed in the drawer a couple of years ago out and started again...

I grind the oatmeal in a coffee bean grinder or my blender. This time it was in my blender. I put a small amount in the paper cup, add about a teaspoon of lemon juice and another teaspoon (or the amt. needed to make a thin but not watery mixture), stir with whatever you would like.. (I use my finger), then wait a minute or two for it to gel a bit. This is where I usually brush my teeth...yada yada.. When it is ready, I smear it all over my face and neck... Be prepared for bits of oatmeal to be sticking to your face (unless you have ground the oatmeal into a flour). Let dry completely. Rinse off or use very wet washcloth to remove... your face will immediately feel softer. In my case, I have to also use a moisturizing cream.

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