Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Everything I Hate About Myself I See In Hillary" by Judy Bachrach

I found a website this morning that is actually a blog with many authors...Whoopi Goldberg, Leslie Stahl, Liz Smith, Marlo Thomas...and more. It's called WOW-O-WOW. I will be returning there...:0) The article by Judy Bachrach made me laugh... I think all women find themselves in this position at least once... Have a look..

I have to say that I lean a bit more to the right than the left..grin My son states unequivocally that I am the most conservative person on the planet....oh well... it only goes to show that a little more discussion might be in Anyway...on the other hand, he may be right!

Now...having said that. I personally would love to see a woman in the White House. But not Hillary. Some would say that I am not supportive of "Women's Rights" and the "Women's Liberation" movement... All I can say is that the afore mentioned movements are all about a woman being and working in equality with men... doing as good or better at anything they try to do and being equally paid for it... Having a mind of their own and being able to not only use it themselves, but to work toward changing the circumstances of the day so other women can do the same.

This is not the same thing as voting for a woman just because she's a woman...

What happened to the "You put me down simply because I am a woman"?... It seems to me it has just been changed to "Vote for me simply because I am a woman"... sigh (This is not to say that Hillary is not talented. This is saying the reason many women voters are giving for their Hillary vote is they feel this will be the only chance in our lifetime women will be given this opportunity.)

This is the most powerful position on earth right now... that could change...but for now it is reality. In my humble opinion, that position should be filled by someone who is voted into office because of their merits... not their gender...

Just my 2 cents...

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