Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Green Bean Harvest

The first green bean harvest from the DS's postage stamp garden. Have to grin...he planted this garden and was so excited about the first harvests and then got sent off to Arizona for a job that will last for the next several months. But never fear.. DSIL is on top of things.

When he called and told me about the green beans, he said the tomatoes are coming along wonderfully...nice, juicy and red...and the birds love them. He said every one that he has tried to pick had been pecked out by the birds.

I guess they have tried everything from scare crows to fake owls, but nothing seemed to work. He said he grew tired of it, so down to Home Depot he went..and voila'... bird netting over the tomatoes. I haven't heard in the last day or so if it is working as well as he hoped...but will find out...

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