Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Reunion Eggs & a Clock

It seems like forever since I have posted...and I guess it has been. It seemed a good idea to skip a week of going to Tulsa to the chiropractor. Some days I think it is helping and other days not... Mostly not, I guess, if I really want to be honest about it. I think I am in deep denial about carpal tunnel in my wrist and elbow because that would mean a drastic cut in all the things I really like to do... Anyway, one way or another we will find out soon.

Time is drawing near for the family reunion. I have not been for so long that no one can remember the last time I went... that is too sad. Anyway, we will be going this year. There is always an auction on Sunday afternoon to help pay for the newletter and things and everyone who wishes can bring something to auction off. These are what I have been working on for the last couple of days. This afternoon I will finish the stands and then all that will be left will be to let the finish cure a bit.

This clock is the first project nearing completion since we started back to work in the shop. This is one of DH's designs and it is now waiting in my workroom to have something painted on the bottom of pendulum area. He really wants it to be my little snail and mushroom (I really am going to have to give that little doodle a name at some point!) but I haven't figured out yet how to spread it across the area without making it look like a caricature cartoon... That will be this afternoon's second project...

It'a a little cloudy outside this afternoon, but nothing in the forecast about if that means anything here in The workmen are back and working on the shop trying to finish it up at last. It seems that the rains took so long to stop that it has been forever ... then the contractor had problems of his own. Sure hoping this is the last bit of that job... sigh

I hope everyone is having a good week. Hugs...

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