Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook... September 22, 2009

For today: September 22, 2009

Outside my window: the baby wrens fledged while we were gone. We went out to the shop, peeked into the nest and they were all gone except one egg that had not hatched. Since there was no sign of "foul" play...pardon the I can only hope that they fledged with no problem. Sure am sorry we were not here to see it... baby birds are so much fun to watch.

I am thinking: that today is the Autumn Equinox. Each day will get a little shorter... a little cooler.

From the learning room: the building of an inkle loom...really large... has been researched to death and with the assistance of my sweet DH, we have put one together.... trying this and that as we went. It will come together and come out of the shop today... yayyyy!

I am thankful for: paint. It covers a multitude of

From the kitchen: comes nothing new. But I have lost almost 20 pounds... :o) We found some pickled (they call it "marinated") asparagus that works really well used cold right out of the fridge for lunch or a quick supper. And very few carbs... love that...

I am wearing: my pink gown... but will be wearing stretch denim slacks and a denim shirt as we will be working in the shop today.

I am reading: The Camel Club ... again... by James Patterson. I really must find a new author...sigh

I am hoping: that the rain continues to stay stopped and we can get the foundation stabilized on the shop....

I am creating: several things. I have a leno shawl on the Kromski Harp loom...a belt on the weaving sticks, a pair of fingerless gloves on the dpns, a neck scarf on the size 10 knitting needles, a star pattern band on the card weaving loom and flax yarn (linen) on the spinning wheel. There's also the cross stitch quilt blocks that were my mother's that I brought home to finish ... If I think of any more I think I'll keep them to

I am hearing: the whir of the printer. It seems with each new one we get it is a little more complicated to work...

Around the house: the quilt hanger shelf that I finished a while back is still waiting to be hung. That will happen today (I hope!)

One of my favorite things: is my leather thimble. I can make them to fit me and they are so comfortable to use that I can hand sew for hours without discomfort....

A few plans for the rest of the week: include wearing the brace on my right wrist that the doctor gave (big laugh... "gave?") me yesterday. Have to wear it at night and as much during the day as possible for 3 weeks...ughh Taking the steroid dose pack beginning today and hoping that it works as well as the shot did in the other shoulder a year or so ago.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." .... Stanley Horowitz

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