Monday, November 02, 2009

A Special Tribute

This is my brother Larry. Several years ago he wrote this .. and I love it.

A Special Tribute

I was driving I-40 the other day, listening to the C.B... not much to say... when I heard a young hot shot, loud and clear, bad mouth a waitress I hold so dear. We are both old now, and needless to say, she has more miles on her than me and my old Pete today.

Thirty years is a long time to anyone in this line of work, but I couldn't do her job, no way. I wouldn't put up with the jerks. I remember sitting in that cafe a long time ago... I was young, she was still pretty as a rose petal, covered with morning dew...eyes shining, beautiful hair too.

I saw her give food to a family that couldn't pay, then pull out her tips she worked for all day. "I'm sorry it's not more", she said to the man, picked up the child while she shook his hand. Then hugged his wife and with a tear in her eye she said, "Always look up... you see a blue sky." Then turned around, went back to work pouring this coffee for some back then jerk.

I stop in every chance I get, just to say hello and remember a bit. We laugh and carry on about what we've been through, still listen to Bill Mac, and wish Conway was here too. Maybe one day ol Garth will put words to what I'm feeling and put an end to this jerk's thinking.

Then everyone across the country will know... My Mother is the waitress I talk of long ago. She's been down the road, thrown all the curves... so give her a break. That's the best she deserves.

Larry Ingram

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