Thursday, July 20, 2006

Catching Up!

I seem to have been spending most of my blogging time keeping up with the Fabric Follies site, so decided I needed to update today and promise to do a little better job of keeping up...
The days just keep on getting hotter and hotter. 107 degrees here yesterday according to the weather, but it seems to have been hotter than that. I keep wishing for rain and a few flower buds, but there's only the brown of our trees dropping their leaves. Two drought years in a row are taking their toll on our trees in the meadow.
We bought a hot tub last week. I think I'm going to name it "Calamity Tubbs" since the pocketbook is having a heart attack at the moment... grin As a result we are doing lots of staying at home and crafting.
With everything that's happening in the Middle East, I'm having a little more anxiety than usual over Chuck and Dustin being over there. Can only hope that next few months pass by quickly and they get home safely.

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