Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've Been Memed!

Mariella got me! I've now got meme in my hair and running down my shirt!
So here's the rules...
Each player places the rules on his/her blog, then lists 6 weird things about themselves. They then meme 6 other people, placing their names at the end of the post and leaving a comment on each of their memed friends' blogs telling them they have been "memed"! Then don't forget to go read all of them!
  • I snore
  • I have a habit of gently squeezing my left hand with my right hand when I am thinking about something.
  • Since I quit smoking in August, I have to have something in my hands to do ... crochet, embroidery, naalbinding, knitting... it doesn't matter what it is
  • I would love to have met Leonardo da Vinci.
  • I have always wanted to meet a leprechan. (Perhaps someday I will under our huge oak tree!)
  • I find it a shame that so many arts and crafts are so neglected as to almost become a forgotten art form ... i.e. naalbinding and card weaving.

Now for the meming of the memors from the memee.....

cat of Baumcat, Deb R. of Red Shoe Ramblings , ~firefly of i live on a farm, tomomi of Black Cat, Maureen of Kenmaurs Corner and simple sparrow.

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Deb R said...'ll be hard to think of 6 weird things I haven't already shared (since I talk about myself incessently! heh) but I'll try...maybe tomorrow.

Now I've gotta go clean this meme juice out of my hair. ;-)