Friday, December 01, 2006

Notation to Self

"Maybe it's our free will misdirected or just a shameful pride, but we live our lives with the conviction that we stand at the center of the drama. Moments rarely come that put us outside ourselves, that divorce us from our egos and force us to see the larger picture, to recognize that the drama is in fact a tapestry and that each of us is but a thread in the vivid weave, yet each thread essential to the integrity of the cloth." Dean Koontz ... Life Expectancy
I finished my book last night. As I read the above passage, I folded the corner of the page down... (I NEVER do that... hate to defile a book like that...I ALWAYS use bookmarks..!!)... knowing that I would lose the spot if I did not. But he had said so profoundly what is at it's roots a basic truth of humankind! (...gasp!)
What is it (she says with tongue imbedded firmly in cheek) ... hubris of the old... hubris of the young...what? ... that makes us feel that we need something profound to say the important things of life? (Click on the puppies!)

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