Thursday, December 07, 2006

Newsletter Packed to Go!

After a month of on again off again working on the Ranger newsletter, it is finally DONE! I did the Pack N Go on it, got the mailing list ready and it will be at the printer's tomorrow morning. WooHoo!
I think it may be time for another Things I Have to be Grateful For post....
  1. Cute clip art that makes me smile.
  2. Typing away with ALL my fingers and actually able to read it, too.
  3. That faint vision at the back of my eyes of my grandson smiling and saying "I might actually like doing this, Grandma".
  4. That other faint vision at the back of my eyes that shows the other grandson stirring shredded cabbage and making coleslaw.
  5. The color green.
  6. The shape of an oak leaf.
  7. Buttons.
  8. Adhesive tape.
  9. Photos of the great grandsons!
  10. Coke art...
  11. Straws
  12. Belly laughs
  13. Remote controls
  14. Post it Notes

I feel much better now...grin Nothing like a list to let you know just how much you really have to be grateful for!

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