Sunday, June 15, 2008

Energy Efficieny Testing for Home (and FREE repair)

It's been a good week... with a couple of exceptions...but we won't go

Did you know that you can call for a free...yes, FREE... test of your home to check for any leaks around the windows, ducts or anywhere and they will be fixed for FREE by the electric company? Wow... at least this is what is happening Texas.

We had ours checked last week and surprisingly it was very good. The inside duct work had to have some work done, but for the most part everything was perfect... imagine that! That is a first for this house...believe me! They close up the outside of the house, open all the inside doors and put a vacuum on the house going outside. While in a vacuum, they check all windows, doors etc... We did not have to leave the house. They checked the attic and around all the heating and air conditioning, even for plumbing holes under the sinks. It's great....

The story is that sometime in the '80s the electric company asked for a big rate increase to be set aside because "things will be very bad in the future and will be used to help when that day comes." It seems that the legislature has now said.."That day is here...get busy!" So, as we were told...we have all paid for this service up front. The money is there and that means the service is free to the consumer. So ... if you haven't had this done, go for it.

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