Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pocket Looms

I found the perfect waste board in the shop the other day. It's not the best, but not the worst either. I drew off the sizes I could get from that one piece of board, cut it into the pieces, put dots every 1/4 inch and then drilled the holes with the drill press... voila! Pocket Looms!

These are supposed to be the real thing... I have done a pocket loom thing before, but using only cardboard..see this post...
With pocket weaving there are no seams. The weaving is done in the round (all around the loom front to back) so there is a finished pouch as soon as you are finished weaving.
Now I don't know if these will work or not...may have to use really small warp since I drilled the holes so small...

I haven't tried them out yet as I am still in the process of applying polyuretane over them to protect the paintings, but as soon as I get everything really dried and cured... you can bet that these babies will be warped up and working! ;0)

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corina said...

Linda, I just wait to see the result!Lovely idea!