Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pocket Looms Finished

It took a while yesterday, but I put many coats of polyurethane on to really try to protect the painting. It took a while to cure, but now that they are finished I am in love.

This is the fourth and smallest of the 4 looms. I decided to try it out using cotton #10 crochet thread for the warp and my hand spun wool for the weft. The loom is working beautifully. I did find that when the holes are drilled, there needs to be an uneven number. This one has an even number of holes and when I get back to my starting side I find that I have 2 warp threads that must be woven the same.

During the pocket weaving that I did using the cardboard weavers, I found that I had the same problem with both sides. So in the process of trying to figure out how to remedy that, I warped the weaver across and then did a final warp all around the edges, knotting it off at the original starting point. This adds the one warp thread on each side that is needed to keep from having the large gaps on each side. However.... this does not help if the holes are an even number... there is still one side that will have double warps wefted the same. Anyway....

This is how far I have gotten with the weaving. I love the way that after weaving a bit, you can push the weaving down and it covers the bottom.

I wish there was someone around who knows more about these things than But I will continue on and see what comes up...

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Jo said...

what a cunning idea, and your painted versions are just lovely!

Someday, I'll have to try this