Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Reads

I was reading one of my spindling groups message digests and someone had a link up to Good Reads... Well, it's now 4pm and I have spent most of the day wandering that site. Good Grief!

I have listed the 400+ books that I came across that I have read.. now I just have to come up with the other couple of thousand names ... The practical side of me says that giving my brother the hundreds of books to sell in his store was a wonderful thing...but the hoarding book worm that I am really wishes there had been a way to keep them. All of them.

There's also a place to upload books, articles, prose, poetry..whatever a person would like to write. Just click on the link that says write . Hmmm... May have to look into this...


Mariella said...

I love Goodreads! I spend alot of time over there too :)

Sarah E. said...

Bookworms of the world, UNITE!!!!!