Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another New Doll...Musical Tiny Thumbelina

We made a quick stop at an antique store north of here a week or so ago and look what I found. I can't decide where I have seen this collector's doll .. in what magazine... but I'm sure it's one of those you see in a mag where you cut out the order blank and then make 3 payments of X number of You know the ones I mean.
Anyway... this Tiny Musical Thumbelina plays "Jesus Loves Me" as it wriggles like a real baby. I had to remove all clothes and wash them and the netting on her bed in Woolite and now she looks as good as new. Another $5.00 wonder... :O)

I was reading a couple of the last posts and realized I never posted the outcome of the CT Angiogram... all clear. No problems.

1 comment: said...

Oh my what a great deal! I love the doll!!! She is beautiful!!