Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Earth Friendly...

I admit to being a total skeptic when it comes to believing anything put out by our news media...sorry... but the fact is that when it comes to whether to have reusable bags or throw away millions of plastic bags.. well... to me it's a no brainer...

Anyone who shops at Sam's knows that they do not provide bags to carry your purchases home and they never have. If there are boxes that are left from putting away product on their shelves, you are welcome to use that if you would like. So it came as no surprise that they would have bags for sale on their aisles. These are great. They are big enough for just about anything you might want to buy and they come 2 to a pack for $2.49 or something like that. The only problem with them that I can see is that it is very easy to fill them to the point that it is very heavy to carry them.

Kroeger had these bags 10/$10.00... or you can buy them for $1.00 each. They are much better for things like grocery purchases since their size is more in line with regular paper bags. There is even a plastic sheet liner for the bottom to protect it from wetness. This one has to be my favorite.

The last time I bought fabric at JoAnn's the reusable bags were right there on check-out stand and ready for the clerk to use if you said "Yes, I would like that!". And I did.

Another great thing about these... I don't feel like the bottom is going to fall through and all my groceries are going to end up on the ground... hate when that happens!

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