Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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I don't know of anyone who is not concerned about what is happening in our economy right now... today. With the failure of the passage of the bail-out bill and resulting drop in the stock markets, things are looking a little scary.

I read a remark the other day that still comes to mind often.. paraphrased, of course, since I can no longer remember my middle name for more than 15 minutes.. "America is not happy because she is no longer the economic powerhouse of the world. This not that she has lost so much ground, but that the 'third world' has gained ground until she is no longer what she once was."


Cherri ... over at River City Weaves ... has this to say and has requested it be posted on other's blogs as well...

Be a part of the solution
29 09 2008

I won’t go ‘partisan’ on you. But let’s be a part of the solution.

Support Americans.

This year, instead of buying cheap stuff or expensive stuff in department stores for holiday gifts, give American made quality fine craft and fine art items.

Support America by recognizing quality in your own country.

Don’t go out and buy cheap Wally Market stuff, actually spend a little extra, pay cash, so you aren’t sinking yourself deeper in debt, and buy a fine American made quilt, or afghan, or handwoven throw.

Buy pots from the local potter, prints from the local photographer, and scarves from the local felter.

Don’t look for cheap junk. That supports poor craftsmanship. Actually spend what you can, and be a part of the solution by keeping your money local.

Be aware that wool, alpaca, and other local fiber producing animals are not harmed in the harvest of their fiber, and it is a renewable resource.

Buy items made from easily, readily and locally re-newable resources.

When I was at one of the ‘gourmet’ grocery stores the other day, my kids and I were tasting gelato, and the attendant giving us samples kept saying," This is locally produced from Maryland, from Pennsylvania, from Georgia…..”

We are in Richmond, Virginia, so our ‘locally grown produce is from Richmond, and the surrounding counties.

If it took more than 5 gallons of gas to get it to me, it’s not local. Thanks.

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Jo said...

Amen! I think we should make December the first annual American Pay Down Your Debt month. Opt out of the holiday materialism, and ponder the true meaning of the holy days. Buy local artisan's gifts or give gifts from the heart, the things you are good at making yourself: Jam or bread, scarves or socks, or quilts or jewelry....that's my dream Christmas. Maybe this year, economic realities will move us closer to that vision.