Monday, September 22, 2008

Daughter's Quilts

Dear Daughter was here for a couple of days last week. What a joy! This is a pic of her beautiful Christmas quilt.

She is discovering the joys of the sewing machine and is making some really pretty quilts, dolls, and things.

This is another quilt she made. She is using the crayon technique I have posted about here...

We spent one day just admiring each others' hobbies... ;O) ... and the next day we went shopping for a bit, out to a long, wonderful lunch, and a little more shopping. The only thing wrong was that it just wasn't long enough....

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Sarah E. said...

How lovely that your daughter is discovering the joys of sewing! Mine prefers to have me stitch stuff, she's expecting her first in February. Her reasoning? "But Mom, you'll make it with love!!" Go figure. (*grin*)