Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

I always feel inadequate on this day. There are pundits and bloggers all over the world waxing eloquent... me, I just feel numb. Every year. My body goes into that disbelieving mode and once again I am standing, watching the television in horror as the planes hit the towers, explode, and smoke begins to roil. Only snippets of the words of the commentators come back ... I can hear in my mind the exhortations to remain calm and the reassurances that Islam and Christianity are basically the same... My world changed that day. 180 degrees. My heart bled for the people in the towers, the families of those people and the people of New York. Also for myself and my family. Never again can it be said that America has never been attacked on their own ground. Our innocence..that basic sense of security.. is gone.

If my feelings continue to be this strong on this day... how must it be for the family member of ones who lost their lives on this day. My heart goes out to them... Perhaps someday there will be peace in our hearts once again.


knitting bean said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful comments. Hope you and your family are safe from the hurricane. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you until it passes.

Jo said...

This was the first year I felt somewhat distant from it, I guess I am lucky to have had a lot of distractions in my workday. I find that my heart aches in these beautiful early days of September whenever we have a blue sky, cool, thank goodness the oppressively humid days of summer are gone kind of day. Because I walked outside that morning to mail a letter and thought, my GOD this is a perfect day. An hour later, the world had turned upside down. A few days later we smelled the plume of the ashy burnt metal scent of destruction as the plume wafted across Long Island. We are all forever scarred.