Monday, October 13, 2008

County Fair Time

This weekend was the County Fair. We went on Sunday thinking the crowd would be a little less. If this is the crowd on Sunday, I'm certainly glad we And this is within 30 minutes of opening time. By the time we left about 45 minutes later the parking area was completely full and this open space in the front of the pic was no longer there. And people still

The Arts and Crafts entries were the complete reason we went...well...the reason I DH went because I wanted to know how it is...

I loved this quilt. The color selections alone made it one of my favorites, but the workmanship was wonderful. This quilt won Best of Show.

This Sunbonnet Sue with the Irish Chain was the one I really would have stuffed in my purse to take home with Something inherently innocent about this quilt that just makes me love it....

As a hanky lover, this immediately caught my eye. What a creative way to showcase antique hankies! And what lovely embroidery work!

There were many quilts shown. So many quilts and not enough wall room. There's one thing about it... we have some very talented quilters in the area. The blue quilt in the center was, of course, DH's favorite. I liked the brightly colored Christmas quilt on the left. These are the ones we voted for for People's Choice. But the fact is...there were so many wonderful quilts that just being there and seeing them all was inspiration personified....

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