Friday, October 31, 2008

Breezy, Blustery Day

Fall has arrived... The trees are now that non-descript cross between brown and dirt colors with a little pear yellow here and there. The leaves are piling in the yard in between mowings and the sun is shining. Temps remain in the high 80's most of the time with a few cooler days. While I am looking forward to the cooler weather I am not a fan of the drabness of autumn and winter in this part of the country. Or maybe I'm just in a mood today... ;o)

The breeze today makes it a really good day to wash and dry the woven scarf and the finished yarns of the past few weeks. These yarns have not been dyed and I'm in love with warm natural colors .. the lightest being mixed wool, the darkest warm brown is Merino Lamb and the honey color is a mix of Romney/Merino. I'm in a hurry for these to dry since I can just see them mixed together in a pattern on my loom and making warm scarves.

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judy said...

your wool blowing in the breeze looks so yummy i've started that envy?