Friday, March 27, 2009

Cellar Night

We have lived here since 2004. That would be 5 years and last night was our first trip to the cellar. Unless, of course, you count the trips to wipe the cobwebs off the walls and sweep the floors.

We had just gone to bed around 9:15 or so and snuggled in with our books in hand when the phone rang. It was the Civil Defense recorded message about dangerous weather. We have only had this happen one other time... I like it. We got up, re-dressed and turned on the television. It took a bit, but around 10 or so the sirens here blew and this not-so-young lady made a bee line for the cellar with the half-quilted Hannah quilt and my single spun yarn that I am using to knit the EZ shawl.... and there I stayed until all was passed. (Constantly bemoaning the fact that I did not have my spinning wheel down there with me!)(And what about all my pictures???!!!) (Can't we just move into an underground house?)

This was one of those unusual storms that had a tornado rotation and yet it moved from the northwest to the southeast. This happens very rarely...almost always do tornado storms move from the southeast to the northwest. We actually got very little of the harsh activity. As the photo shows, the worst we got was the wind that blew the oak beards off the tree and all over the yard. About 5 miles north of us it was a different story. They had some horrible hail and very high winds... as far as I know there was not a tornado that touched down.

I can now breathe a little easier... the cellar has now been

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