Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook 03/17/2009

For today: March 17, 2009

Outside my window: the early morning sunshine comes later with the arrival of Daylight Savings Time. It's taking us a bit to acclimate to the time change.

The irises are shooting up this time of year and will begin to bloom within a month.

I am thankful for: silk plants. I can kill plants with the best. Ivy is wonderful since it will come back from a deep wilt with the addition of a little water. But with silk plants I can have any and all kinds throughout the house. Love that.

From the kitchen: comes more sounds of spinning box preparation than cooking! The table is loaded with the kits that will be used by the students at my first spindle spinning class. It's a good thing we have trays or would have to eat in the formal dining room!

I am wearing: stretch denim pants, a Donkenny shirt with some kind of brown cat or leopard print and leather sandals.

I am reading: The Western Guide to Feng Shui...Room by Room by Terah Katryn Collins. I am fascinated by Feng Shui. I don't know why since all it really means is ... cut the clutter, throw away the junk and use a color wheel to balance the colors and textures of a room. Make rooms user friendly and welcoming... and there ya go! But it still fascinated me... lol

I am hoping: to spend some time this summer under the big oak tree. I would love to turn the flower bed at the base of the tree into a fairyland. We'll see....

I am creating: a spindle spinning workbook. It has arrived back from eldest son's learned red marking pen with a note that says how impressed he is with it...then you open it up and can't find the book for all the marks!! lol I am so blessed to have wonderful, smart, learned children who put up with their mom's idiosyncrasies.

Around the house: there is a general uplifting of spirits as the browns outside begin to show spots of green and the different birds begin to arrive.

One of my favorite things: is this picture. It is my son and I and was taken in 1987. It now sits on my desk.

I am hearing: the whir of my computer and the quiet of the early morning.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:

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