Saturday, May 30, 2009

EZ Pi Finished! and How to Tell if You Are Old

I am one happy camper today! The EZ Pi Shawl is last.. I love the fact that I did it and love the way it looks. I may even attempt another one when I get some more wool spun... but that is a definite When I finished the crochet border around it, I spent some time yesterday and did another Kool Aid dye.. this time using green. It does have a little yellow hue around the outside, but not as much as it looks like in the picture. The only place I could find that was big enough to block it was on the den rug.. Believe me, I counted the straight pins as I put them in and again as I took them out...and DH still found one on the floor later last night.

Speaking of later last night... or maybe a day or two ago... We were watching the History channel about the German people during the war hiding in mazes of bunkers under the streets and one woman was speaking of the smell... The fact that there were no antiperspirants..her words... and it immediately reminded me of the blouses that I bought when I was very young. And all the dresses, blouses, and shirts of the adults in my family... They had underarm garment shields sewn in... to catch the perspiration so you wouldn't walk around with sweat circles under your arms. I hadn't thought of them in years. Lo and behold, I did a search today and guess what I found... garment shields for sale.. If you remember these in your clothes, feel free to join me in the "Boy, am I really that old!" club...

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