Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Birthday... One More and I Get Paid!

Well, yesterday was the 61st birthday... wow... One more and I get paid... Social Security... Can that be possible?? Really??? As said about a million times every year by everyone who reaches 60...Where did it go?

My sweet DH surprised me yesterday when he came home from coffee with these...I almost cried. I have wanted some of these for several years, but could never really figure a way to justify them besides just loving the look of them. So I would never get them for myself... Well...take a look at this...

For the first time in recorded history the top of my end table beside my chair is and I still have access to all the things that are usually scattered about on it... How cool is that...

This is the second set that he gave me. Both sets have magnetic closures that are wonderful...not so easy to spill things out when lifting them up... These haven't found a home yet, but believe me...they will.

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Mariella said...

Happy Belated Birthday!