Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Art Journaling

SharonB, on her blog inaminuteago, posted a link a while back to a site discussing the how-to's, whys and wherefores of journaling. Looking through the site, I found another link to Suite 101 for a free online course about art journaling. The two photos are of denim pieces left over from making Dear Hubby his latest shop apron. I fooled around with several in my photo program and really like these two best of the many effects I tried. I think I will make another book and use one of these (or both) on the covers. Making an art journal out of a ream of A4 copy paper is inexpensive and I can make the cover whatever I like..Will let you know how it turns out...grin
One of the exercises is to place your pen(cil) on the center of a sheet of paper, turn around so you cannot see the paper, relax the other hand in your lap and draw it without looking at your paper... Well, they tell you in the lesson that it won't be great, but have a look at mine..grin
I think I need to take this course... grin

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