Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Life" Song...grin

So I popped over to DebR's place for my daily grin fix and found this link to find out what your "Life Song" is... So I did.. Put my birthday in for my 18th birthday (since I am older than dirt and they did not have the Top Ten Lists during Noah's time!) Seems my "life song" is .. ta daaa.. none other than Monday, Monday by The Mama's and the Papas.. Yayyy.. love that song... right. (My kids will attest to the fact that they must have heard it every day for the first fifteen years of their lives...grin) So, I go sniffing around the net to see if I can find a photo of the album, maybe an excerpt of the song...whatever... so I do a search... Here is what I found..grin
Yep...lyrics, album cover...everything! yayyy! ... on The Most Annoying Song of the Day site! How annoying is that???!!

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