Friday, February 10, 2006

What I've been up to...

Our oldest son was over a few days ago and this was up on my easel... he stated this is the same painting I have been painting for the last 40 years...hmmm My daughter called a couple of evenings ago and when I told her what he had said, she immediately said...and I quote.. "Oh! the one with the water and trees...!" hmmmm (grin) So my answer was... if I ever get it right..I'll quit trying to paint it..!! Anyway, I started this one several weeks ago, but have been working on it for the last 2 days. Reworked the house, then the meadow, and today have worked on the left foreground and tree. When today began, this tree looked very much like the tree on the right...As time goes on, perhaps will show more of the progress... unless of course I really mess it up!! grin

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