Sunday, February 26, 2006

V-Stitch Afghan and Irish Crochet Pillow Cover

The Irish Crochet Pillow Cover began it's life as a trial square to see if I would enjoy doing Irish Crochet in yarn. It turned out fairly well and was relatively easy to do, but what in the world would I do with one Irish Crochet Square? So I did a row of Hunter green single crochet around the edges and then began to double crochet in rows along one side. When this solid strip was the same size as the block, I began to decrease each side for a couple of rows, then added 5 treble crochets in the center stitch for 2 rows to give a little curve and interest to the foldover. To join the sides together, I single crocheted down the edge to the joining of the front square, turned, sc in the first stitch, ch 2, sc in opposing stitch of the back and continued up the side of the square. This joining will give the pillow cover either more room for a flat sided pillow or it can used for a square pillow with 1+" depth. I'll put up another pic when I get it complete with pillow...
The V-Stitch Afghan is completed. It measures a good 7 feet long and is warmer than I expected it to be... After it reached about 5' in length, it was very warm to work on..grin I still haven't decided whether to add fringe to the ends because it is already so long, but on the other hand, fringe always adds a look of completeness... What do you think?


Mariella said...

Your Irish Crochet Pillow Cover is just beautiful!
And I would leave the fringe off the afghan, as I think it looks great the way it is.

Linda_S. said...

Thanks, Mariella, I'm so glad you think so. Thanks also for the input about the afghan.. was still in a quandry about that..