Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Aunt Betty's Page

Aunt Betty sent me this poem to go in my book. I love it! The story behind this is that when her children were small, gifts were opened on Christmas Eve.... but the Special Gifts (the ones they REALLY wanted...grin) were saved and put under the tree for Christmas morning. She said her son mentioned to her a few years ago that that was the most exciting time of his childhood. Now her children do the same for their children and grandchildren... Hence the inspiration for this poem.

Christmas Favorites

Things that lift my spirits and give me joy:
A playful kitten, a sweet baby boy,
A cute little girl, with face all aglow,
Asking things about gifts only Santa can know.

Time for baking cakes and cookies and candy.
Late shopping - in crowds, when it's snowy - not windy.
My children and families arriving Christmas Eve,
With smiles and suitcases and snow on their sleeve.

Christmas party with carols - cameras clickin',
Turkey dinner on Christmas that's "finger - lickin'"!

But the thing that's so special (they do not perceive),
After opening their gifts on Christmas Eve...
Is early Christmas morning, to see their delight
At the Special Gifts "Santa" brought during the night!

Betty Griffin Reed
December 1992

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